Nothing to say, just watch!

(Acutally I have, but they are in the video description XD...)

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  • あかり
  • OK now I want that on the 23rd >:D
  • >:D

    よあけ 於 2010/12/21 19:12 回覆

  • 夜, Terry Chan
  • The hair style of 莉絲...
    Isn't that Akari's... XD"
  • 是嗎!

    よあけ 於 2010/12/21 19:24 回覆

  • あかり
  • >:D
  • 後天見識一下w

    よあけ 於 2010/12/21 19:24 回覆

  • あかり
  • Just in case you're mixing up the things here, Akari is a character from an anime. If you're expecting something else, please don't!
  • I see =w=

    よあけ 於 2010/12/21 22:30 回覆