So.... This is the last seveal ten minutes of my Christmas Holiday.

I guess this is the first Christmas Holiday that I don't need to prepare for a near exam

but still, we all need to prepare for an exam which will start not longer than 3 months from now.

And for the sake of this, I think this was the most "busy" Christmas I ever have... If the term "busy" depends on school-related work.

Why I say so - because I did 5 years of pastpaper which I think is quite a lot (for me, at least..)

One year of them can spend you a whole day... This is not I expected actually.

"Whole day", I mean from 8:00am to about 9:00 p.m.

First, the paper itself has 6 hours time limit, so you spend at least 6 hours.

Second, because this time limit is not set, you use more time to think about difficult questions.

Then, you also need to mark it yourself. This spends much more time then I expected, because I also need to think for a long time usually because I do not understand the model answer.

After that I also need to jot notes down. Both on what I learnt and what are the questions left.

And finally I need to rearrange the notes and organise them, some of them to a document I saved on my computer; some of them to the notes (notes - I mean those "textbooks" here.)

Moreover I need to ask teachers about the questions and new notes will be made...


Nevertheless, I did it this way for 2.5 years only. The remaining 2.5 years I skipped all "blue pen" jobs and do part of the "red pen" jobs only.

(That is, I do the paper in my mind only, and look at the marking scheme. I only jot notes and questions.)

This saved more than half of the time.


Frankly.... I only finished 4.5 years.

The remaining 0.5 years (2006' Chemistry Paper 2) I was not able to finish...... Because I spend a lot of time playing today XD"

I found it is very easy to play Sora no Kiseki Stealthily... Without letting my mum or dad know.

So I actually finished FC today....^^" (Which I planned to play it again after ALE....)


Nevertheless.... This is one of the most meaningful holiday I ever had,

I did a satisfactory amount of school(exam) related work,

I physically meet Akari and went to his home,

I went to Arick's home and had a great afternoon and night,

I know new friends via Arick, Terry and Akari,

I had enough spirital flourishing via playing Sora no Kiseki......


To conclude, I am charged up during this holiday.

Challenges are coming...

It's really time to run.

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  • Galen/霜華
  • 1. Several, not seveal.
    2. "did 5 years of pastpaper" means you actually spent 5 years doing pastpaper. I think you meant you "did the pastpaper from last 5 years".
    3. One year of them <== again, this means you spent 1 year doing pastpaper. Same for the rest. Too lazy to list them out.
    4. "this/it costs more time than expected", or "I spent more time on it than expected".
    5. "plan to" means that's your current plan; "planned to" means you had that plan but for some reason it's not going to happen, usually followed by "but" to explain that reason why it's not taking place.
    6. make friends, not "know friends".
    7. watch your time tenses, be consistent.
  • Thank you >:D
    Though I didn't have much time to pay attention coz I'm going to sleep when I was typing this article.. ^^"

    よあけ 於 2011/01/04 16:37 回覆