I forgot to use English for the last entry XD

This article is about some idea(s?) of systematic studying, which I recently thought up.

It is based on chemistry anyway... But I guess it is applicable to at least physics.

Last Sunday, I went to buy some books about AL exam

3 of them are CLC

The rest 4 are "Last Minute"s.

AL "Last Minute"s are divided into book 1 and book 2....

For chemistry, book 1 is about physical and inorganic chem while book 2 is about organic chem.


Mr Au:"唔好諗住溫哂書先做Pastpaper,書係永遠溫唔哂架"

I won't agree this statement if he is talking about HKCEE.

But... It is quite true for HKALE, especially chem.

However, that doesn't mean we just need to do pastpaper, spending no time on revising notes...

To me, the message it brings is "I need to use the least time to go through the syllabus". In other words, maximum efficiency.


So what I decided to do - is to use Last Minute as a core

And to enrich its content by refering and remarks.

At first, this idea came up without carefull consideration.

Just now, tonight, I tried to challenge it by listing other possibilities - and luckily the answer didn't alter its state.


What I mean is I will use Last Minute as the "textbook".

It has obviously insufficient content,

so I have to add things to it.

1. Memos - some remarks I got after doing exercises, which can be classified into different topics.

2. Reference - some large parts that are missing from Last Minute, I wrote "refer to Chp X p.Y .

You may then ask - so why don't you just study the notes


Yeah... That is a question that I asked myself whenever I tried similar things in F4,5.

In CE level, there are much less content and those notes had a easy route to follow - in other words, it is not difficult to memorise things in F4,5 subjects, therefore making another "core" is a little bit wasteful.

But the case is different now D:

There are too many things that you won't read and won't have time to read in the notes or textbooks.

Although I can just skip all of them - but it did take up some space in my mind that there is something there which I skipped.

Other than this uncomfortable feeling, the images of those pages I skipped affected the systematicness in my mind.


This idea might be applicable to physics too, but the Last Minute Physics is even more difficult to understand than Mr. Mok's notes... (Luckily I didn't buy)

I prefer to make simple summaries on the back of each chapter...



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