Today's mood is quite on fire, yet it is probably suitable for doing such rushing UE tasks....

(By the way, how could I had forgotten to bring my blue ball pen and rubber to exam today XDDDDDDD)

For instance:

Section B: Better than expected~ [C~B]

Section C: Worse than expected... [~D, hardly C or depends on how much answers that I am uncertain turned out to be correct..]

Section E: Really depends... [D~A]

Overall: Satisfied, though if Practical Skill really scored D, I have no hope to score C for overall at all...

Originally due to the sound of the cheif invigilator... My mood was on fire

But the fire was put off after...

[[Section B]]

After I recieved the question, I immediately feel the 4 questions this year are rather simple...

And so it's hard to choose XD Finally I chose no.1

As for why, I would explain by elimination:

2. I've got only one point that time... that is about reputation, nothing else that is up to mind D:

3. Though it appears to be simple, but I think that we will also need to explain why these 3 outweigh the others in order to score a high content mark... I regard this as difficult so I give up

4. Morning assembly LOL The only reason that I do not write this is because I dont like letter to editor XD These days I have been reading essays and magazine articles, very few of those sample essays are letters to editors... And the language in letter to editor can be boring... Moreover I think the materials studied these days are better for magazine articles or essays (vocab, phrases) so I chose question 1

Hm... Although I do not have enough time for checking, I believe my proficiency on grammar increases a lot these days so there shouldn't be large problems..

The only thing I worried about my writing are the reasons given - Quite boring after all... 1. Poorer communication skills 2. unhealthier bodies 3. lower creativity


[[Section C]]

The second weakest section of me... Especially summary cloze and usage (part II)..

I have unprecedentedly large number of uncertain answers today -_-

Let me give my MC answers here..

01 D A C D B

06 B A D D D

11 B C B A C

16 D B A B B

21 D D A A C

26 C A C B D

31 B D D C A

36 A D B D B

41 B D C D

Questions I dont know: 6,7,8,11,15,17,18,20,21,23,26,27,28,33

See LOL By the way "questions I dont know" means I choose the answer baselessly.

As for uncertainties, I would say almost 60-70% of the questions I am uncertain -_-

But for those uncertain questions I choose the answer with some evidence too..

So this can be disastrous LOL

Also, I do not have enough time for summary cloze (16 mins = = Not enough at all.. Though I answered all questions, some of thme are really totally baseless and can be outrageous LOL)


[[Section E]]

I would say this year's section E is regarded as easy, because those content points are really easy to clutch... If I am correct XD

Here are the factors deciding my grade:

1. The crucial one - will words be crossed out if I wrote too much? Say if I wrote 700 but it says about 500, may be 100 words will be crossed out? Same for the email... If so, I would lost more than 20 marks and this is definitely disastrous...

2. Format of a report - Title?(I wrote) Introduction?(I didnt) Subtitles?(I gave) How should I classify the paragraphs?(I classified according to areas which are questioned, not according to activity)

3. How should the tone be? To be precise, my tone is really mechanic...Except the last paragraph (recommendation)

Now, if all of the above questions' answer to optimistic to me, I can even score an A; but if all of them are pessimistic, I will proably get D... And unless other sections are doing well, it's hard to score overall C then since it takes up 28% after all... (Also note that the mark difference between grades in Section E can be very large)


Again, God knows www I never expected UE to be fluctuating like CLC does...

As regards my mood...

It all traces back to the voice and Enlgish of that Chief Invigilator..

I listened to undine in the morning, so I suppose to have a water property mood, calm and clear

But then she speaks, the water changed into fire...

Just imagine she is the 10-times exaggerated Ms Lai (Out English teacher in F4 and F5, in case you are in the same class with me)

And she stressed all syllables....!!! Slow and divided....

How disgusting.... Distracting... Annoying...


But then I went home

I watched the remaining 4 episodes of ARIA - the ANIMATION (The first season)

And my heart was purified :D

It was then filled with smiles

filled with light...


Relax and listen to ウンディーネ on the right :D

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