I guess many of you know I aimed at social science subjects in my tertiary education,

so it is definitely necessary for me to get a C in both language subjects....

In early F5, I tried this (typing blog in English) actually...

At that time I found that I was seriously lack of vocabulary,

and I hope this will be found improved this year.....


Same, please kindly give your comments on my articles. I guess Alex seldom read my arcticles now, unlike the time in F5...

But I remember Joyce did give plenty of comments >:D

Despite this, I am not solely using English this time.

For some commemorable articles such as story reviews, I will still use Chinese.

But I will probably use English for articles about life or ideas.


Do you know I am actually spending much more time on English than ever?

This can be traced all back to a person I and Joyce know - Aone (碧音)

During form 6... I found that she was also interested in Ace Attorney (逆轉裁判)

And what make me flabbergasted was - she played 3 episodes all in English! (Though she hasn't played 4th and The Prosecutor)

(Well, I just found that "flabbergasted" was informal from Google dictionary, but I learned this word in Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary = =! So.. be careful everyone)


What's more... She got a B in UE  >:DDDDDD

Yeah.. Actually I asked what she has done to get a B, and she told me that it's because she played Ace Attorney in English XD

Of course that's just kidding, but who knows? May be it really helped.

At least it is beneficial beyond a shadow of a doubt.

(And it can replace my leisure time, so it won't affect my time used on other subjects.)

(Although it is a bit more boring than real leisure, since I am now playing Ace Attorney for the third or even fourth time = =)


But why Ace Attorney? There was actually a reason behind.

For other games (such as RPG) or movies,

The language is a bit far from what we will use in exams.

RPG - the world is even different, and terms involving weapons or other supernatural stuff may come up which is probably inapplicable to UE.

Movies - it depends, but it is obvious that most of the language are informal.

However, since Ace Attorney involves language at the court, which is absolutely formal; and it involves not much vocabularies inapplicable to UE.


I have just finished the first episode (復蘇的逆轉) in English, and that already make up dozens of vocabulary. (I make a list of them for further study)


One more thing to mention - I didn't speak when I was playing, I read the words in mind; (remark 1)

however when I tried to speak today, I found it was far more difficult to pronounce smoothly than reading it in my brain.

Luckily I realized this, and I am going to read them out in the following days.


Remark 1: For Chinese, we often need not to pronounce the words in mind at our level, except for those literature articles... But for English, it is implausible to just scan through the words and get the meaning at our level...


(Good, I only look up Google Dictionary twice to check the meanings of words this time >:DDD)

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